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Pain is locked in because your brain is using the same neural pathways. With Osteopathy, the practitioner's hands are brought by the body to the restriction and re-sparks communication. This gives the brain an opportunity to create a new set of pathways. The result is a return to a functional life.

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A Light Touch

Osteopathy is a light touch therapy, it is non-invasive and safe. Practitioners palpate gently, yet intentionally, touching the tissues or systems under examination. With gentle manipulation restrictions are released. Being so gentle, just about anybody can benefit.

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Naturally Aligned

The natural state of the body is balance. For the body's systems to be aligned, it will seek to return to this homeostatic state. It knows what to do. Your body is self-healing. Osteopathy gently assists you back to your natural state.


Aviva Cohen | DOMP Osteopathy

My journey is to help people. I have always sensed a responsibility to my community and the world. I feel that my thoughts and actions have an impact. And I take that very seriously.

Who I am in my community
will always hold the key for me.

What is going on with you spiritually and emotionally is expressed physically. To truly transcend, evolve and transform, the work must begin to channel through the body.
"What My Body Knows", a book of poems by Jean Janzen, gave me several clear messages that I learned. A new quest had begun...

The Quest For Healing

My introduction to Osteopathy was a self-healing workshop. I couldn't wait until I healed myself, now I'm teaching others.
First I found a mentor, Frank Parent, then continued my learning with Thai Yoga Massage. I was introduced to the Upledger and Barral Institute.
Finding the most innovative healers inpired me to work harder than ever.

After decades of searching to resolve my own debilitating health issues, my life was given back to me. Forever changed by a 45 minute appointment.
I met J.P. Barral, the developer of the ostepathic modalites that have turned medicine on its head.

With Visceral, Neural and Vascular Manipulation, along with a New Manual Articular Approach, J.P. Barral treated me.
He performed magic on my restrictions and I walked out with a free and mobile spine.
I had no more pain. I was so much calmer. I began having a better relationship with life.

Listen to your body.
What does the body want?
How does it want to do it?

I have studied with J.P. Barral at the Barral Institute. Along with having learned at the Upledger Institute and the Chikly Institute,
I have personally learned from Suzanne Scurlock-Durana. I have become my mentor's mentor.

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Offering Treatment For:

  • Medical Image - Brain and Spine

    Brain And Spine

    Pinched Nerves
    Slipped Disk
  • Medical Image - Respitory System

    Respiratory System

  • Medical Image - Cardiovascular System

    Cardiovascular System

    Heart Mumur
    Stroke Prevention
  • Medical Image - Digestive System

    Digestive System

    Acid Reflux
    Kidney Stones
    Gall Stones
  • Medical Image - Reproductive System

    Reproductive System

    Menstrual Abnormalities
    Pelvic Pain
    Pelvic Support Problems
  • Medical Image - Limbic System

    Limbic System

    Emotional Trauma
    Lack Of Energy
  • Medical Image - Whole Body

    Whole Body

    Scar Tissue
    Minor Abdominal Hernia
    Inguinal Herina
    Chronic And Acute Pain
  • Image of Smiling Dog

    Canine Therapy

    Organ Function
    Injestion Of Small Objects
    Chronic And Acute Pain
    Promoting Emotional Well Being


Image of Carrie Innes

Carrie Innes

In April 2014, I gave my then two year old daughter her first taste of chocolate. Shortly after, enjoying her sugar buzz, she climbed up on a piece of my pilates equipment, fell straight back two feet, and landed directly on a thin metal bar that ran horizontal across her back. I heard it. I heard the cry. And then I saw her. I knew right away that she had injured her spine.

Right away she told me that her legs hurt. And I could see her toddler walk was offside. We took her to the children's hospital and they monitored her for eight hours. They told me she was fine. But she wasn't. From that moment on, her personality changed. She was agitated. She complained often that her legs hurt. And she asked for "shows" on TV rather than her prior favourite, "adventures." I was heart broken.

That was one of the lowest moments I have ever experienced. That knowing. The guilt. The worry. Her pain.

Eight months later Aviva joined my family for a meal. She met my daughter, we mentioned what had happened, and she instantly found "the spot." Later that evening, while my daughter was sleeping, Aviva gave her a treatment. I remember sitting silently together, as Aviva worked so gently and carefully. So simply. My daughter slept through the whole thing. Peacefully. The next morning, we witnessed an immediate difference. It was like our daughter was back, and I knew instantly that Aviva had alleviated what I now know was the pain my daughter had been experiencing since the injury.

It was unreal.My husband witnessed the same changes. He still tears up when we talk about it, and in writing this, I do too. Aviva Cohen helped our daughter recover from spinal nerve damage in a single treatment. For this, my husband and I are eternally grateful.

Image of Anna Kemeny

Anna Kemeny

I had been suffering from severe headaches/migraines for years. Several times each month, I would be crippled by severe pain, accompanied by nausea and exhaustion, and the only thing I could do was to lie down in a darkened room away from all noise and other sensory stimulation. These episodes interfered with my life tremendously, resulting in missed days of work and impaired family and social relations.

Over the years, I tried massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and painkillers. Some modalities did not help at all, while others helped for a while, but never on a long-term basis. I was at the point of giving up and resigning myself to the fact that I would have to live with this painful and incapacitating condition for the rest of my life.

Very fortunately, a friend recommended seeing Aviva Cohen and trying cranio-sacral therapy. I had no idea what that was but was willing to give it a try. Aviva's technique was the gentlest of any I have ever had and it crossed my mind during that first session that this could not possibly be effective.

Over the years, I tried massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupuncture and painkillers. Some modalities did not help at all, while others helped for a while, but never on a long-term basis.

But I went back for a second and a third treatment and, to my amazement, by the fifth time the headaches had stopped. They have never come back. Aviva's therapy had literally given me my life back. I get up in the mornings knowing that I will be able to get through the day without the worry of a lurking migraine, interrupted responsibilities and missed opportunities.

Once the headache/migraine issue was resolved, I continued seeing Aviva on a monthly basis and found that her treatments had a wonderfully healing effect on both body and mind. An hour of her session would leave me feeling consistently stronger, calmer and more ready to face day-to-day challenges. I believe that cranio-sacral therapy as practiced by Aviva can go a long way to help people stay or become healthy and avoid disease of all kinds.

Image of Denise Bisson

Denise Bisson

Aviva has greatly contributed to my general wellbeing as well as helped me with specific issues. I initially went to see Aviva for a mobility problem with my left shoulder. After only one session, I could, and still can, move my shoulder a lot further. After some visceral manipulation sessions I no longer have to take greens every morning. My digestion has improved notably.

After a few sessions with Aviva I was able to resume my normal activites.

In the summer of 2014, I had trouble breathing and was not able to ride my bike for more than 5 minutes. I was diagnosed with a mild case of COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. After a few sessions with Aviva my lungs cleared and I was able to resume my normal activities and get a clear bill of health from my doctor.

Image of Danielle Lithwick

Danielle Lithwick

I first went to Aviva to help me with my digestive problems and low back pain. I had gone to chiropracters and massage therapists for years, but their treatments only gave short term relief. My stomach and back would be tight and constricted and caused me a lot of physical pain and emotional distress. After every session with Aviva, my stomach and low back would immediately feel better and the effects would last a long time. I also would feel completely refreshed and rejuvanated after a session, like I had just woken up from a deep sleep. From the beginning I knew I could trust Aviva, as she is extremely knowledgable about the body and very passionate about her work and helping others heal.

Aviva helped my boyfriend recover faster from a serious concussion he had, from having headaches daily to now barely none. Aviva is a highly skilled practitioner and I believe her work is invaluable.

And she shares this enthusiasm with her clients. I can say that Aviva was a big part in healing my low back and digestive issues. I am so grateful to not have these issues anymore today and know that my body and mind is much more in balance because of her work. I try to refer everyone I know to her, as I am confident that she is able to help almost anyone for any issue. She helped my boyfriend recover faster from a serious concussion he had, from having headaches daily to now barely none. Aviva is a highly skilled practitioner and I believe her work is invaluable.

Iamge of Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams

I was in Canada for 9 months studying Pilates and was into part-time dancing. My instructor wasnted to teach me how to jump and flip in the air for our dance routine and took me to a gymnasium. Toward the end of my hour on the trampoline and practicing flips in the air I landed on my neck and my entire body weight came crashing down on my cervical spine giving me a terrible whiplash injury. I went to a hospital and the doctors said it would take 6 to 8 months to heal and get any sort of movement into my neck and head because at the time I could barely turn my head sideways or look up or down.

I will forever be grateful and appreciative to Aviva, for the lovely work she did on my body and allowing me to live pain free. Aviva has a true healer's touch.

I called my Pilates teacher and told her about the injury I just incurred as she recomended that I try a session with Aviva. Ever since I made the decision to give Aviva a chance my life has never been the same. An injury two doctors told me would take many months to heal was taken care of by her over a span of 5 hours in 2 days! My mind and body experiences changes that I cannot comprehend and still to this date cannot believe how none of the pain has come back and infact I have only gotten better in terms of my movement and overall health.

I must add that it is because of her that I chose to take up Osteopathy as a profession, so that I could know what she did to my body. I was shocked beyond belief and needed to know right then what she did and how!! Ever since I looked into schools and took her guidance and support to find schools for myself and I'm on the forward journey to gettting my own accreditations in Osteopathy.

If it wasn't for her I would have never discovered this amazing path to holistic healing. I want to spread the same joy and pain relief to the people I meet in the future. I will forever be grateful and appreciative to Aviva, for the lovely work she did on my body and allowing me to live pain free. Aviva has a true healer's touch.


Aviva Cohen: (613)-219-5659

Business Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 A.M - 8:00 P.M. PST
Location: Ottawa ON | Nanaimo BC

Being pain-free is how we are intended to be.
The body is seeking natural balance.
I aim to assist that journey.